Every piece of text you come across in your life has been written by someone…most commonly, a professional someone. From the instructions on your shampoo, to the writing on a website, at some point someone sat down and crafted those words.

Now think about how it would look for the shampoo company or the website owner if those words were poorly constructed. If there were typos, grammatical errors or incoherent ramblings in a company’s marketing material would you be tempted to go elsewhere?

The answer, for most of us, is yes.

I believe that it’s vitally important to use a professional copywriter for all your marketing (not just because this is my business website – I don’t mind who you use as long as they’re dedicated to making you look good!).

Professional copy doesn’t mean stuffy copy, overly technical copy or unrelentingly-gratuitously-verbose copy (exactly).

A professional copywriter will endeavour to understand you and your business in order to create copy that is tailored to your audience, so that the words you use will make your business stand out among the rest.

Any copywriting work is quoted on an individual basis, taking into account word count, amount of research and customer input, however quotes are based around a £320 day rate (£40 per hour).