About Me

A communication expert is, in this context, a title that I made up to try and encapsulate everything that I do.

You see, I started my professional life as a lecturer. I was studying for a PhD in Ancient History at the University of Kent and I began teaching. My favourite part of the job was the fact that I got to communicate with my students: to engage and enthral them in such a way that they would find the subject matter interesting and exciting.

When I graduated my PhD and decided to move on from Higher Education, I began working as a copywriter, creating copy for all sorts of people so that they could likewise engage and enthral their customers.

In an effort to gain clients for my copywriting business I joined the referral organisation BNI and soon became a trainer, getting back to my teaching roots. From there I started offering, first public speaking, and then public speaking training, so that I could teach others to engage and enthral their audience.

After a while I added DISC behavioural analysis to my offering so that I could help my clients to understand one another and to engage and enthral people, whatever their communication style.

Success in life, both professional and personal, is all about effective communication, so if you think I can help you in any way, please drop me a line and let’s start communicating!